Texas made a list of the top 10 fastest growing cities in America 4 times, (El Paso wasn't one of them), and Arizona made it 3 times.

New Mexico didn't make the top 10, (or even the top 20), at all. Among other things, Texas and Arizona offer great climates and weather.

It seems the main reason fueling all of this growth is more financial than anything else though.

The top 20 fastest growing cities in the USA were all over the place, covering several different geographical areas and spanning the country coast to coast.

Which Cities Were America's Fastest Growing?

The top 10 fastest growers were Buckeye AZ, Enterprise NV, Goodyear AZ, Meridian ID, Atascocita TX, San Tan Valley AZ and Riverview FLA; followed by Frisco, Sugar Land and Lewisville TX.

Except for Frisco and Sugar Land in Texas, I've never heard of ANY of those places ...

"In general we’ve seen positive growth indicators in the southwest besides just population," said Jaclyn DeJohn, Managing Editor of Economic Analysis at SmartAsset. "In fact, Texas and Arizona place second and fourth respectively in terms of where high earners are moving to. One thing that may be drawing high earners and others to these areas is relative tax-friendliness, and lower costs of living than coastal California and major cities." - thehill.com

Which Cities In America Grew The Least?

If you're keeping track of who the biggest "shrinkers" were, at least one, (really huge), Texas city made that list ... Houston.

The biggest "pop drop" happened in Paradise, Nevada with over 21% of the Paradise population bailing.

This unincorporated city is really just a big tax dodge and I think I know why peeps are leaving. Other than Allegiant Stadium, The Luxor and some casinos; there doesn't seem to be much there.

Plus, you can pretty much "leave" Paradise just by crossing the strip.

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