Every year, Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie XO releases a Christmas song, but this year is a little bit different.

Not only because she chose to rap instead of sing: Bunnie's just-released "12 Days of Rizzmas" features the colorful, NSFW language fans know and love her for, but it's also got a powerful storyline that draws on her real-life story of triumphing over obstacles.

No wonder. Jelly has had the most successful year of his career to date in 2023, rising up through the ranks as a bonafide country superstar with a major tour and several awards show wins under his belt. Bunnie's had a banner year, too: Not only is she rapidly expanding her platform as Jelly's wife, but she's also a successful podcaster and Internet personality, known for her frank discussions about sobriety, her past as a sex worker, her experience with being in an abusive relationship and more.

Bunnie plays the part of a professor in the music video for "12 Days of Rizzmas," standing in front of a whiteboard as she walks a classroom full of women through "Bad B--ch 101." Verse by verse, she talks about her climb to financial security, finding true love and independence at the same time.

Of course, it's still a naughty Christmas song, so check out the "11th day of Christmas" for some — ahem — colorful metaphors involving Christmas cookies and pre-heating ovens.

Bunnie XO's Christmas song is a holiday tradition, but don't expect to Jelly to take part anytime soon. In a recent episode of Bunnie's Dumb Blonde podcast, the couple revealed that she's been asking him to do a duet with her for years, but so far, he's pumped the brakes.

"Well, you want me to do dirty Christmas songs," he said during that conversation. "We're never gonna win a Grammy doing dirty Christmas songs."

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