Friday (Sept. 9) would have been Joey Feek's 41st birthday, but even though she died in March, her husband, Rory Feek, wasn't about to let her big day go unnoticed.

On Instagram on Friday, Feek shared a sweet video, taken in September of 2015. The couple and daughter Indiana are backstage at their barn concert venue, rehearsing before a show.

"In the past year, everything has changed and in another way, nothing’s changed at all," Feek writes. "I’m still yours and you’re mine. Happy 41st birthday my love.”

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer in the summer of 2015, Joey Feek passed away on March 4, 2016.

“It’s been, I don’t know, how long? Five months? And I’m still not quite ready," Rory Feek said recently. "That’s the biggest thing I struggle with. I still walk around thinking, ‘She’s really not here? She’s really not coming back?'”

Feek's film about his wife, To Joey, With Love, is set to premiere on Sept. 20; fans can visit the film’s official website for more information. Feek is also working on a book, titled This Life I Live and based on his blog of the same name.

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