After a couple of months of leadership turmoil, Meals on Wheels has named a new Executive Director, John Moore.

“I felt that supporting the Meals on Wheels Ministry was important, but I also was led to use my skillsets as a volunteer,” Moore told KETK. “The Meals on Wheels Ministry, like other charitable organizations, has to rely on many funding sources, including the generosity of individuals, to operate. But, the backbone of Meals on Wheels is the volunteers. The life experiences and backgrounds of those who give their time and expertise are truly amazing and bring great value to the organization. Volunteering gave me clarity and a calling to do more. When the board invited me to consider the executive director position, I knew I was being led where I was supposed to be.”

The Meals on Wheels Board of Directors look forward to tapping into Moore's broad experience working in the East Texas community.

“John Moore brings a track record of leadership, an extensive communications background, and community connections to the Meals on Wheels Ministry, and we are excited that he has joined us,” said John Genung, Chairman of the Meals on Wheels Ministry Board of Directors.

He also has a family connection to the organization.

"My family has a four-decade connection to Meals on Wheels," said Moore. "My wife and I have supported the organization in both Tyler and Ponca City, Oklahoma, where my mother-in-law was a Meals on Wheels administrator for 39 years. After her retirement, she became a Meals on Wheels client and is able to stay in her home because of the food that’s delivered. At 90-years-old, that is a blessing for her and us."

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