If you needed anymore proof that Keith Urban is a great dude, you've found it.

Marissa English is a 25 year old Keith Urban super-fan. Unfortunately, she is also suffering from a host of health conditions that have put her in hospice care according to USA Today.

Her nurses went to social media to petition Keith Urban to come visit her at St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio before Keith's show last Thursday night (October 18).

Keith got the message and made a surprise visit to see his super-fan. He took the time to visit with Marissa by her bed and even sang "Blue Ain't Your Color" to her.

(wipes eyes) Where's all this dust coming from? (wipes eyes)

Keith dedicated his Toledo show to Marissa describing her as "who I truly think is my biggest fan."

Keith Urban is a huge country music star. He's married to an A-list Hollywood star. And yet, he took those moments before a sold out show to grant a dying wish to a fan. Props, dude.

And to Marissa's family, we're praying for you.

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