Rising artist Kendal Conrad finds unexpected love in her dance-ready new single "Stranger Things." She's premiering the song exclusively with The Boot; press play below to listen.

Written by Conrad with Matt McVaney, who also produced the track, "Stranger Things" combines the assurance of a Kassi Ashton lyric with the genre-bending melody of a Keith Urban song (more on him later). "You turn my world upside down / You got my head spinning 'round and 'round," Conrad professes in the chorus. There ain’t no way we’re turning back now / 'Cause I think we both agree / Stranger things have happened than you and me."

""Stranger Things" is about falling for someone who at first seems impossible to love, but at the same time, draws you to them," Conrad tells The Boot. "The connection is electric, it’s chaotic, it’s bizarre. It doesn’t make any sense. But at the end of the day, stranger things have happened, right?"

Throughout "Stranger Things," Conrad compares this relationship to putting a man on the moon, snow falling in the Sahara Desert and other once-in-a-lifetime events. "It was definitely a brain-buster trying to come up with the crazy scenarios we used," she admits.

"I loved the song so much after we wrote it that I knew I wanted to record it," Conrad remembers. "It’s the first song I’ve recorded that makes me want to dance."

A Pennsylvania native, Conrad has shared stages with Blake Shelton, Kane Brown and others; in fact, in 2014, Keith Urban selected Conrad to perform his song "We Were Us" with him during a show in Bethlehem, Pa. Conrad's now in Nashville working on her career, and recently found viral success on TikTok with her single "Leader of the Pack."

Listen to Kendal Conrad's "Stranger Things"

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