Macaulay Culkin has been making a comeback of sorts lately. He had his troubles growing up. Mainly because of his super fast childhood stardom in the movies Home Alone, My Girl, The Pagemaster and more.

He took a break from acting but still did some work from time to time. He did the occasional movie and would pop up in a TV show here or there. But mostly, we would hear in the news of his drug and alcohol problems.

He started a band in 2013 called Pizza Underground. This band would cover the songs of Velvet Underground but would alter each song to give it a pizza theme.

Lately, Macaulay Culkin has been making the talk show rounds promoting his comedy website (very Not Safe For Work). He's also been making appearances on Youtube shows either as himself or a character.

He recently was on one of my favorite Youtube shows, Angry Video Game Nerd, where they played old school Home Alone games. I'll just link to the channel because the videos can also get VERY Not Safe For Work.

All in all, it looks like he's come around from his childhood troubles and is making a new name for himself. And I hope you enjoyed that bit of nostalgia above.

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