People Are Still Mad At Bud Light So The Company Is Turning To The NFL Man Of The Year To Help Them.

I'm not a "beer drinker" but I have seen all the bellyaching and complaining "outrage" over beer brand Bud Light and their decision to partner with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Beer drinkers more upset about what's on the "can" over what's IN IT spoke with their dollars and since then, Bud Light sales have fell tremendously over the last few months. Sales have fallen so much that Modelo is now America's favorite beer. I find it ironic that the same folks who more than likely were chanting "Build A Wall" suddenly enjoy a beer made in Mexico but I digress.

Bud Light Is Now Turning To Another "Polarizing" Figure To Help.


Polarizing: to cause something, especially something that contains different people or opinions, to divide into two completely opposing groups.

I use that word because depending on who you ask, especially among Cowboy fans, Dak Prescott is the perfect person for which that word can be used. The NFL "Man Of The Year" in 2022 is starring in a new Bud Light commercial called  "Lawn Lines With Dak Prescott" where the QB is admiring his lawn while his neighbors look on drinking Bud Light.

Check Out The Commercial Below:

If you think America is divided on the issue on the issue of Transgender people, brother, you have no idea how divided Cowboys fans are over Prescott and him choosing to align himself with an embattled brand like Bud Light is only going to get more interesting.

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