I've been hosting Radio Texas Live since it's inception -- nearly 11 months ago and have been doing 2-3 interviews a week for pretty much that entire period and for an additional 2 years before that.  So to say interviewing musicians is a regular part of my work week is about like saying checking a patient's blood pressure is a regular part of a nurses work week.  So with this non-stop revolving door of Texas musicians I interview, it's become, not easy but I'd say comfortable and I don't really get that nervous regardless who is stopping by -- until Chris Knight came by last week.

So why would I get nervous about interviewing him, lemme tell you:

1. I don't play his music on my show, something I've been meaning to fix for roughly ummm 11 months but something always comes up and it always gets put off.

2.  He's a musical genius, he's written songs that Randy Travis, John Anderson, Blake Shelton and Cross Canadian Ragweed (to name a few) have cut. The sheer anticipation of having that much talent across from you -- knowing you have to lead him through an interview, that makes sense and is entertaining combined with the worry of "is that a stupid question" and the knowledge that a majority of my listeners could probably do a better job can be down right terrifying.


All right I've revealed way too much let's get to the interview.  Here's part 1 where I inform the legendary songwriter I don't play his music -- but that I stole a couple of his CDs so I could fix that.  And it's also the long awaited debut of Chris Knight music on Radio Texas Live, guess what song we play first, or just press play and find out.

Next as most of y'all know I tend to play silly childish games with my guests, I couldn't even force myself do that with Chris so I kept with my "honesty is the best policy" policy and I told him that, then asked about his songwriting process.

Next it was time for the second Chris Knight song to ever be played on Radio Texas Live, Chris suggested "Oil Patch Town" and I of course said "Sure."

He may call Kentucky home but did you know Chris Knight is an official Honorary Texan? Well he is, Gov. Rick Perry says so. He's even got the papers that say he's as Texan as an Kentuckian can get and apparently he carries them with him for when he gets stopped by the police, we discussed that next.

The next song to get it's RTX debut was "Down The River" off his album "A Pretty Good Guy" Chris also gave us some insight on the song too -- check it out.

Well, like they say all good things must come to an end in the final segment we discuss his concert earlier in the week at Electric Cowboy, the possibility of an EC return in the near future and his new album slated to be released in March or April and Chris tells us what is so special about the new album -- you'll have to listen to find out what it is.

In case you're wondering what 2 CDs I jacked, they are "Enough Rope" and "A Pretty Good Guy" I suggest you buy or legally download both, they're AWESOME.  And be listening every Saturday to the new and improved Chris Knight infused Radio Texas Live 7p-12a only on 101.5 KNUE.

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