This whole coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, whatever you want to call it, is a real disaster for the entire world. Our medical personnel are fighting every day to keep those infected alive. Researchers are working around the clock to give us a vaccine. Those are our true heroes.

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But let's take a moment and imagine if comic book and anime superheroes were a real thing. Sometimes, getting lost in a fantasy universe can help us cope a little better with what's going on.

What if Captain America, Superman, Goku, Spiderman, Terminator, Leo, Wonder Woman, John Wick, One Punch Man, Rick and Morty and many more came together to fight the Coronavirus. Youtuber Mightraccoon! has put together a story just like that. The video was released on Youtube earlier today (April 13). Take twelve minutes and escape.


I'm going to have to say, that's a pretty good job of not only animating, but putting this story together. But as I said above, if only it were that easy.

Thank you to all the medical personnel working so hard to help those infected. Thank you to the researchers doing some great work to get us close to a vaccine. Thank you to all essential workers who still get out of bed every day and head to work. You are the true heroes.

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