As soon as we got our driver's license it meant freedom, we could go where we wanted (if allowed by our parents). Our vehicle opened so many doors, it was a huge step toward being an adult. Back in high school I remember even though my car was old and not very nice at all, I still has so much pride that I had my own car. And because I wanted to make my car exactly the way I wanted it, I removed the front license plate, I thought it looked better (even on an 1987 car, ugh). While I wanted my car to look “cool”, is it even legal to drive around Texas without a front license plate? 

It would make sense that you would need to display a license plate on both the front and back of your vehicle, the state of Texas issues two so I’m sure they want you to use both. But is it a law for you to display both license plates in Texas? The simple answer is yes, you can be pulled over and issued a citation if you don’t have both a front and back license plate on your vehicle. 

What if My Car Doesn’t Have a Place for a Front License Plate? 

Many Tesla vehicles don’t have a place for a front license plate, but that does not exclude them from this Texas law. In fact, the only vehicles allowed to not display both a front and back plate are: road tractors, motorcycles, trailers, semitrailers, antique vehicles and former military vehicles. 

What is the Fine for Not Having Both Plates Visible on Your Vehicle? 

The fine for not having a front license plate in Texas is $200. To avoid being pulled over and getting a citation just make sure both your front and back plates are visible.  

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