I took a trip earlier today (5/1) to look around my hometown of Lindale after the storms on Friday.

I traveled Hwy 16, a portion of 2710, some of Jim Hogg Road and visited the church I grew up in (Damascus Baptist Church) to see the damage my parents had told me about.

My parents still live in Lindale off Jim Hogg Road and luckily didn't have any damage.

Traveling through, there were lots of trees down anywhere I went.

At the time I went through, Hwy 16 was closed at CR 4100 for clean up. Bob's Nursery is there. Lots of damage to their place. Traffic was directed down CR 4100. About halfway through, I came upon a flooded area. I didn't trust my little Saturn to make it through, so I turned around.

My next stop was my childhood church. When I pulled up, damage was more than I thought. A tree had fallen and busted a part of both concrete picnic tables that have been there for who knows how long. Another tree had fallen and destroyed the sign by the road.

The church van was still in place but the canopy over it had been blown to the other side of the pastor's backyard next to it. There was a group from First Baptist Church in Lindale that was helping cut up the trees and general clean up.

The church buildings suffered only some lost shingles and one broken window from one of the fallen trees.

Continue to pray for Lindale as the cleanup continues. Many folks still don't have power. Crews are working almost around the clock to clear trees so power crews can get to the poles.

There were many places I couldn't get too because of the clean up efforts. If you have some of the storm damage to share, please e-mail your pictures to me at michael.gibson@townsquaremedia.com. Please include your name so I can give proper photo credit.