If residents of Foxborough Cove Apartments are looking for leniency during this time of crisis, it looks like they are completely out of luck.

Every morning, I check out Shreveport's credit page. You simply never know what you'll find on there, and today was certainly no different. As you can imagine, most of the recent content on Shreveport's Reddit has been primarily OCID-19 related.

This one caught my eye, and I must say, I was shocked when I read the letter to residents. After reading, I confirmed the letter with a couple of residents on Facebook, who were equally shocked after reading it.

The tone of the letter is tense from the very beginning, with the second sentence referencing their residential contract and pointing out that rent is still expected on the first. To be honest, I completely understand this. They are certainly within their rights to remind residents that rent is still due, business as usual. Simply put, that's their prerogative.

The letter didn't end there, though.

Speaking to those who are financially burdened during this crisis, Foxborough Cove recommends applying for a temporary job at CVS, Walgreens, Sam's Club, etc. Then, they offer a suggestion:

As a suggestion, many residents are withdrawing money from their 401K accounts to help them pay rent.  Additionally, dialing 211 will provide local resources for rental assistance.


They also encouraged residents to apply for unemployment and SNAP in order to pay their rent on time. They went on by claiming a report that many banks are offering financial assistance as well, and then listed those banks.

The letter ends with, "WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!!"





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