Good ole COVID-19 is still around in Texas. It's not the worldwide threat it was in 2020 but it is still around and still making people very sick. I had a couple of friends who had to postpone Christmas get togethers because a member of their family came down with the virus. In my family, we had to cancel a get together recently with a cousin I haven't seen in about five years because of illness. COVID-19 has become very defensible by either getting the vaccine or by simply keeping your distance when out in public and washing your hands. A new variant is in Texas now, however, that is causing some strange symptoms to those who contract it.

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JN.1 COVID-19 Variant

The newest strain of COVID-19 is called JN.1. This variant isn't more deadly or more contagious than any other strain of the virus but does bring a couple of additional symptoms compared to other variants. If you contract the JN.1 variant, you will get the usual shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of taste, smell and appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, body aches and headache. But this strain adds an extra form of discomfort with insomnia and anxiety.

Infection Rate

Currently, the JN.1 strain makes up about 1/6 of the overall current infection rate. Dealing with this new strain is just like the others, stay hydrated and get as much rest as possible, which does make dealing with this new JN.1 strain a little more difficult with the additional symptom of insomnia (

COVID-19 is Here to Stay

COVID-19 is just as much of a worry nowadays as the flu. The good thing is, COVID-19 is more treatable now than it was during the pandemic. If you contract COVID-19, follow your doctor's orders, isolate yourself for 7 to 14 days to help prevent the spread of the virus and concentrate on getting better.

Most likely (there are exceptions to this) you will come out of it good as new.

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