Ladies love Luke Bryan, and not just because he celebrates them in songs like ‘Country Girl (Shake It for Me.)’ Bryan is a cutie with an outgoing personality and because of those factors, plenty of his fans are females. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, even if some of the gals take their Bryan worship a little further. There are Tumblrs celebrating his tush — oh my! None of this bothers the gregarious singer, though.

“You want women to think of you in a sexy manner,” the singer with the mischievous grin told the Chicago Tribune. To keep the backside theme going, Bryan realizes that sex appeal can help put rear ends in the seats at his show, to say nothing of boosting his self-esteem!

He continued, “It’s all part of the business. It drives ticket sales. It’s all a part of it. My focus is trying to make great music and putting on great shows, and whatever happens beyond that is a bonus to me.”

While the last country hunk to achieve such fevered attention from the ladies was Tim McGraw, Bryan deals with more out-in-the-open references to his looks, due to things like the Internet and Twitter. It’s much more visible, not to mention instant, with this generation.

But again, this doesn’t bother him in the slightest. “Women are getting more and more comfortable where they can have a little fun too. I’m happy about that,” Bryan said. His wife Caroline is a good sport, and she has a laugh about all the attention her hubby receives, since, well, he comes home to her! “She enjoys it too,” Bryan said. “She understands that it’s all a part of the game.”

There are worse things people could be saying, right?

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