Luke Bryan co-hosted 'The View' last week, but YouTube sensation Tommy Woolridge stole the show. The man who famously used Bryan and other artists' lyrics to try to pick up women and failed had much better success with former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy. Much better success.

Woolridge awkwardly tried to use lyrics from Bryan's No. 1 hit 'Crash My Party' on McCarthy. It didn't work ... until the singer and ACM Entertainer of the Year gave him some pointers. With a little more emphasis, Woolridge found himself sharing a first kiss (ever!) with the beauty. She pulled him in like he was a steak and she hadn't eaten for a month!

The rest of the women -- and Bryan -- went nuts, as did the live audience. Afterward, Woolridge tweeted about it. "I think they call this the morning after," he said, linking to a picture of his hair tussled and clothes a mess.