2019 will be a great year for movies. Well, for us nerds anyway. March 8, Captain Marvel will be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. April 26, Avengers: Endgame will put a nice bow on the last ten years of Marvel films. Spiderman: Far From Home will kick off the next phase of the MCU in July.

But coming in May is a movie that will bring in all the monies, Detective Pikachu. Yes, a Pokemon movie. And it won't be in it's typical anime style, it'll be a live action / CGI mix that looks beautiful.

The basic premise is that Pikachu's human has disappeared and he must figure out what happened. Pikachu will get some help from other humans and other Pokemon, too.

You can make fun all you want but I am super excited for this movie. It looks to be beautiful to watch and, at least from the trailers, will be super funny. And to voice Pikachu will be the man who "feuds" will Hugh Jackman, the man who brought us the perfect iteration of Deadpool, Green Lantern himself, Ryan Reynolds. He's pretty serious about this role, too.

Blake Lively will be the only one in the world to not see this movie.

So, May 10, my butt will be in a theater seat enjoying the pure beauty and fun that is Detective Pikachu. I hope to see you there.

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