There are a few important things to consider before going out and getting into a bar fight: one, there is no such thing as a fair fight, especially where drunkards are concerned; you will be hit with both foreign and domestic glass objects. Two: there is a really good chance you will end up in jail and possibly even prison. Three: it is possible for a man to get hit hard enough to cause his eyeball to come flying out of the socket.

Just ask John Huttick, who in the summer of 2011 took such a whoopin’ in the parking lot of a Philadelphia tavern that he actually lost one of his eyes. As if that experience wasn’t horrific enough, earlier this week Huttick suffered another squeamish moment when his artificial eye fell out in the court room while testifying against the man that hit him. Holy crap, next witness!

Huttick was able to catch the eye before it hit the floor, but that didn’t stop a couple of jurors from completely flipping out in the court room. Incidentally, that’s when Judge Robert Coleman threw up his hands and put an end to the trial until March, calling the situation an “unfortunate, unforeseen incident.” Yeah, the defense is definitely going to need some time to develop a strategy against that.

All we have to say is if there is an attorney alive that can somehow manage to keep Huttick’s attacker Matthew Bruneli from receiving a guilty verdict, after such an eyeful of evidence, we definitely want him on retainer before the next time we go running our mouths at our local watering hole.


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