The safety of our family is the number one priority for most people. It's important to know what or who is around the corner, which is why I think it's important to keep an eye on the Texas public sex offender website. While I understand people can change after making a mistake, personally, I want to be extra careful when around those who have been convicted of a sex crime. There is a map set up for the whole state of Texas to know where sex offenders are living, and it's open to the public to see in case you want to see that information as well.

Not everyone on this list or shown on the map is a bad person but it's pretty clear that they have made some mistakes and the court system wants to keep an eye on them as they continue to get back on the right track. My hope is for anyone on this list is to not make the same mistake that got them in trouble in the first place but that isn't up to me, that is a decision these individuals face on a daily basis.

It's Shocking How Many Sex Offenders Are on the Map

I'm not sure why I was so shocked, I just didn't expect to see that many people pop up on the map as registered sex offenders. And it really doesn't matter what area you look at there are offenders popping up in every city across the state.

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Don't Be Scared Just Be Aware

There are sex offenders in every state, so don't start packing your bags thinking the state of Texas has way more sex offenders than other areas. Just be aware of your city and your neighborhood. It's never a bad thing to have this information. If you haven't check out the map of sex offenders yet, just click here.

Texas Crime Statistics By City

Check to see how crime compares in your city versus elsewhere.

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