Last week was a tough one, we lost our 11-year-old Koda due to an unexpected medical condition. It hurt, but letting him go was the best thing we could have done for him. He was hurting and had already brought us 11 fantastic years. Big thanks to Flint Veterinary Clinic for doing everything possible to make Koda comfortable. Savannah and I hadn't even begun discussing another animal but little did we know there was a dog out there that needed us and we needed him too.

A good family friend stopped by over the weekend and after chatting for a few minutes he told us about this family that he knew and they just took in a dog they couldn't keep. I don't want to get into the story too much because it's really not my business. But the dogs owner was going away for a while and this sweet boy, Cooper, needed a new home. But it was just too soon after losing Koda, or so we thought.

The Conversation About Another Dog Was Taking Place

After our friend left, we had a serious conversation to have and while we were still mourning the loss of Koda, we wanted to do everything possible to help Cooper. So, it took just minutes for me to text my buddy and set up a time to meet Cooper.

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It Took 10 Seconds to Realize That Cooper Was Coming Home With Us

After losing Koda our boxer dog Gypsy was sad, but putting her with Cooper made her excited again, she was back to jumping and playing, it was exactly what we needed to see. While we will always miss our Koda, we couldn't be more excited to welcome Cooper into our family. He is a 75 pound teddy bear who is always happy and smiling. He's a great dog, we are lucky to have found this boy.

Check out photos of our newest family member:

Meet Cooper the Newest Addition to Our Family

We didn't expect to add a furry family member, but we couldn't be more excited to have Cooper!

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