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Two of our neighbors proudly display Trump 2020 signs in their yards. (These aren't the offensive flags, but the ones with the innocuous phrase "Keep America Great" printed on the bottom.)

We take slightly more offense to the Michigan State Spartan flag which is trotted out at certain times of the year, simply because we've had three (almost four) U of M Flint grads living under our roof over the last couple of decades.

Despite all that, we have great neighbors. We don't agree with their political views, but we really don't care. We hope we are just one of many examples of neighbors who sit on opposite sides of the aisle while still being able to sit and enjoy a beer, a burger, and some good conversation.

There are others. Alex Morgan is a resident of Plymouth, and he says it's great to have neighbors with different political views.

"I don't know everything and they don't know everything and if we can perhaps be polite and have polite disagreements, that's okay," Morgan told WION News. "You can connect with somebody if they like a certain candidate or school board member or maybe they know somebody that I don't know anything about so we can also build relationships that way."

The Biden supporters say that while they're not happy with President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, they have no interest in creating a rift with their Trump-supporting neighbors.

Neighbor Joe Court is a Trump supporter. He's frustrated because he's had signs stolen from his yard, but is proud to be able to get along well with his neighbors.

"Everybody seems to get along [but] this is the first election where it's gotten a little ugly you know and people [are] stealing lawn signs," Court says with a chuckle. "It's pretty stupid, you know?"

By the way, we love how this reporter pronounces "Plymouth."


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