East Texas' own Miranda Lambert has patched up her differences with actor Ashton Kutcher. Miranda lashed out at Kutcher when he was a presenter at the  Academy of Country Music Awards show a few weeks ago. It seems when Ashton came out on stage dressed in cowboy clothing and then sang a rendition of George Strait's "I Cross My Heart," a lot of folks felt he was "making fun" of country music, including Miranda. According to MSN:

Kutcher defended himself by reaching out to Lambert on Twitter, writing, "Miranda_Lambert I Am One Of The biggest country Music fans you've ever met. Wasn't making fun at all."

And the pair proved it had moved on by hugging it out at the Barnstable Brown Party, a pre-Kentucky Derby event held on Friday night to celebrate the weekend's big horse race.

You'll remember Miranda had her bridesmaids party at last year's Kentucky Derby.

The Lindale High School grad took a few photos with Ashton and posted it on  her Twitter blog, with the caption, "here it is y'all. He is sweet and lives country music! For real!"

It looked like Miranda had a great time at this year's Derby!

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