The Pistol Annies‘ song from ‘The Hunger Games’ soundtrack has just been made available for listen in full, thanks to an early leak to YouTube. ‘Run Daddy Run’ was released by Track City. Listen below to hear the heavy, brooding tune which seems like a perfect fit for one of the film’s more desperate scenes.

Daddy can you hear the devil drawing near / Like a bullet from a gun / Run daddy run,” the group sings together during the chorus. All three women join in harmony for that particular part, while taking individual solo verses throughout the song.

Mama’s been crying in the kitchen / Sister’s been afraid of the dark / I been gathering the pieces of all these shattered hearts,” Miranda Lambert sings to begin the final verse.

Previously, Taylor Swift‘s song ‘Eyes Open‘ was leaked, just days before ‘The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 and Beyond’ soundtrack compilation is set to hit stores (March 20). The Civil Wars also have two songs on the soundtrack, including ‘Safe and Sound,’ which they recorded with Swift.

‘The Hunger Games’ movie impacts in theaters nationwide on March 23.

Listen to Pistol Annies, ‘Run Daddy Run’