There are so many attractions in Texas it would be difficult to guess the most popular attraction of all. Once you hear what it is, you’re likely to say, “duh.” But with so many to choose from it’s hard to narrow down what everyone else might think is the most popular attraction in the lone star state. 

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For sports fans we have so many cool arenas and stadiums to choose from, but you will not see a sports area mentioned as the most popular attraction in Texas. In Dallas you have the Arboretum in Fort Worth you have the Stockyards, let’s not forget all the amusement parks and water parks that are in Texas but none of those locations was labeled as the most popular attraction in Texas. 

It would be easy for many people to start thinking about cities or attractions on the Gulf of Mexico, there are lots of beaches that people love to enjoy. And of course, you have Galveston with the boardwalk, but yet again this popular tourist spot was not named as the most popular attraction in Texas. 

To Figure Out the Most Popular Attraction in Texas, Think Nature 

If you’re trying to guess what was named the most popular attraction in Texas, think about one of the biggest national parks in the country.  

Now You Got It... 

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

The most popular attraction in Texas bringing in tourists from all over the world is Big Bend National Park. It’s perfect for hiking, camping, seeing wildlife, and some of the most beautiful views anywhere in the world.  

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