Mountain Dew has apologized and pulled their recent, online only ad, because of backlash from viewers who consider the ad to be offensive. Some viewers even consider the ad, "the most racist commercial -- ever."

On-line ads have become very popular and if you've noticed, they are usually more "adult" themed. I guess you can get away with more if your on-line.

The ad is quite silly and isnot meant to be taken seriously. It stars a goat who actually gets "hooked" on Mountain Dew, and will go to extremes to get it. The first commercial shows the goat going on a  rampage because he wants more of the soft drink. It even shows the goat beating up a waitress.

Well this clip is a follow up to that video. It shows a police line up, where the battered waitress has to pick out the culprit from a line up. The only problem is -- it's a line up of black men.

This is where the racism begins. So what do you think? Watch the video and take the poll and let us know your opinion.