Lindale is getting cooler and cooler day by day.

If you haven't visited Love & War in Texas or Miranda Lambert's store The Pink Pistol, you've been missing out on some spots that makes Lindale so special. Now with the addition of The Cannery, I anticipate some amazing shows and music festivals there. But the newest addition to this hip spot in East Texas is something kinda of different.

In a press release from the Cannery, they announced they are teaming up with, Rescue Rebuild, and Miranda Lambert and her MuttNation Foundation to build a new dog park and adoption house. The Cannery who owned the house donated it for the cause and they've already moved it to the desired location on Wednesday, October 4.

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As you might know, Miranda and her team helped save 283 cats and dogs from Hurricane Harvey - so they've been busy! But not too busy to get this project up and running.

Starting Saturday, October 7 the team will be working on construction for the dog park and adoption house. Public volunteers are definitely encouraged as well are cash donations.

Greater Good Network YouTube

I'm so excited about this. While I tend to go to Sunrise Paw Park in Tyler, it'll be nice to know there's another one not too far away. A little variety for the doggo is probably a good thing.

For more information, you can visit the MuttNation Foundation page.