Its been a little over three years since my black lab, Buddy, passed away at the age of 16. I miss him every day. He was truly the definition of man's best friend. I haven't adopted another dog since but will as soon as I'm in a place with a backyard, not an apartment or the current town house I live in. But if you are looking for a new furry family member to add some love to your home, there are 15 dogs available for adoption in Tyler, Texas right now.

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The Love of a Pet

Whether you have a cat, a dog, a lizard, bird or multiples of those or another kind of pet, there is a certain happiness in taking care of that creature. Growing up, we always had a cat in our family. I remember one cat we had, an orange tabby named Sam. His two favorite things to do were attacking our feet under the covers and playing hide and seek. It wasn't until I got Buddy that I had a dog. It was a huge learning experience for both me and him as I had to get tips from a co-worker on how to train him that turned Buddy into a very good dog.

Dogs Available for Adoption

Currently, if your family is looking to add the love of a furry family member to your home, Smith County Animal Control and Shelter has 15 dogs available right now. Most are up to date on all of their vaccinations and some have even been spayed or neutered. There is a $50 rebate available for those that haven't been fixed yet. You can get all the details on their Facebook page.

Smith County Animal Control & Shelter via Facebook
Smith County Animal Control & Shelter via Facebook

If you want more details, visit the shelter at 322 East Ferguson in Tyler, call 903-266-4303 or email Take a look at the 15 dogs available right now below:

15 Dogs Available for Adoption at Smith County Animal Control & Shelter in Tyler

Nothing beats the unconditional love a furry family member adds to your home.

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