This is freaky.

One would expect the folks at Texas Parks and Wildlife to be, well, experts on parks and wildlife. So, when they don't know what kind of creature they’re looking at, all kinds of red flags go up for me.

Don’t get me wrong – I realize it’s impossible to know everything about every single animal in existence. But you have to figure Texas Parks and Wildlife have seen just about every single animal that typically roams around our state parks.

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Notice I said just about every single animal.

Because there was recently something spotted wandering around Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park that they couldn’t identify. So, they posted a picture of it that had been captured on a game camera to Facebook in hopes that someone out there could help them out.

Of course, a whole lot of people shared their thoughts on what it might be on the post. Many of those commenting on it think it’s a badger. But I don’t know.

My first thought was that it was a bear. But upon further inspection, I started thinking that it was possibly a wild hog (or maybe even two) that happened to be eating side-by-side, which naturally would distort the view, especially at night. So, as I was bouncing between bear and pig, it finally dawned on me.

We just got a real-life look at ManBearPig from South Park.


Yep, that’s totally it. Case closed.

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