Anyone over the age of 30 probably remembers the Beanie Baby craze of the 1990s.

My mom dragged me all over creation and to every place that sold Beanie Babies from flea markets to Cracker Barrel. To this day she has crates of the furry stuffed little bears somewhere in her closet. I think it may be time to dig them out after hearing about this!

A couple in the United Kingdom, purchased a Beanie Baby at a garage sale over the weekend for about $15, but it turns out that was a bargain.

Why do you ask? Well I thought the same thing. Turns out this bear is a limited edition Princess of Whales, Lady Di Bear. It could be worth about $93,400!

There were only 100 limited first edition bears made. The bear is purple and has a white rose on the chest, and there is a poem attached to the tag that reads, "Like an angel she came from heaven above; she shared her compassion, her pain, her love; she only stayed with us long enough to teach the world to share, to give, to reach.”

So all the trips to the flea markets, toy stores, and garage sales to search for these little gems may have paid off!  Unfortunately for us, none of our bears are worth anything close to this. However the time spent with mom going to find them is priceless!

Buuuuuuut wait .... 

As it turns out, it could all be a big hoax. issued a fraud alert about the story, saying the bear really isn't that valuable. The internet fooled us again!