The IRS is warning of a new scam that targets the military.

Perhaps we’ve all been perturbed by a scam at some point in our lives, one that comes in the form of a telemarketing phone call or an email that phishes for personal and financial information. But why bother our military heroes with that type of nonsense? The criminals behind this scam may really tick off a lot of people. We’re supposed to support the troops, not con them.

The IRS says these scammers pose as Defense Department reps and use a .mil email address to tell them that disability compensation recipients are eligible for extra money. They ask the person receiving the email to send in government documents with personal and financial information to an address in Florida. The scammers then steal their identities to drain their bank accounts, use their credit cards or apply for loans.

Obviously, if you see these emails, delete them and don’t send the personal info, even though it may look legit.

Now, back to supporting the troops. East Texas Military Families is a group that does their best to offer resources to military members and their families. They’ve even got a wall of honor for East Texas military veterans.

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