Most people leave junior high school and don't want to return. Those were the years when our bodies were changing into adults and there were cliques that made us feel uncomfortable. But if you really enjoyed those crazy years you have a chance to own your very own junior high school as the former Marshall Junior High School is now for sale.

The listing caught my eye as published by regarding the junior high school that is listed at 700 West Houston Street in Marshall, Texas. The building was first built in 1924 but was also renovated in 1980. The entire property sits on a large 9.72 acre lot with the whole school in the one 130,000 square foot building that consists of 3 floors.

The school is located in the heart of the city of Marshall, TX. There are approximately 7,900 homes within 3-miles of the school with a population of 20,000 people. It comes with two commercial cafeterias, two auditoriums, and two gymnasiums.

The first bid is at $30,000 for the former Marshall Junior High School. Whoever purchases the school will also need to pay a 5% fee or $25,000 platform fee, whichever amount is higher.

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Check out the photos of the former Marshall Junior High School now for sale:

Photos of the Former Marshall Junior High School Now For Sale

If you've ever wanted to own a school in East Texas this is your opportunity.

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