Nostalgia sells. The continuing popularity of vinyl records is a perfect example. Kids are buying records older than they are and playing them on a turntable and loving it. Trends like to make comebacks, too. Trends in fashion, trends in entertainment, even trends in snacks.

If you were a kid of the 90's, like myself, you probably remember a sweet snack called Dunkaroos. If you're unfamiliar, they were a snack pack that contained cookies, usually chocolate or vanilla, that you would dunk in a frosting or various flavors (chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, etc.).

For the longest time, this sweet snack was only available in Canada. Well, this summer, Dunkaroos are making a comeback according to Oh yes, we'll get to relive the fun of peeling off the top, grabbing a cookie, dipping it in that vanilla frosting and satisfying our sweet tooth.

There you go, friends, get ready to take your taste buds back in time.

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