Something New York police have not seen, maybe ever, happened Monday. From Sunday evening to yesterday, not one person was stabbed, shot, or murdered. What an amazing occurance. Though the crime rates of violent crimes in New York City have been steadily dropping since 1990, a day of no violence has not been seen since any member of the police force can remember.

How great would it be for America's most well known city to live without violent crimes. It is an impossible thing to imagine. But, New York has been getting closer to a reduced crime rate for two decades now.

Can't quite imagine why a day without purposeful death is such an unique thing?

This year to date, there have been 361 murders within the city. 1,489 shootings across the Big Apple. For one day to go without any of these terrible actions must have been such a great experience for not just the police, but the citizens of the big city.

They have been seeing these changes come slowly since the beginning of the 20th century. In 1990 the police and city officials began their wide spread attempts to lessen the violent crime rates. That year there were 2,262 murders in the city. Last year there were 462. That is a grand accomplishment.

A day without stabbings, shootings, and murder must give New York a boost of encouragement. Keep it up NYC.