There's petty, then there's being just an outright a-hole. We've all been there, we leave a job and wonder if that final paycheck will be sent to us. No matter if you left on bad terms, all wages must be paid. For one Georgia man, he got his final paycheck in an unexpected, but not illegal, way.

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This story comes to us from Fayetteville, Georgia according to Andreas Flaten left his job at A Ok Walker Luxury Autoworks in November of 2020. Problem was, he hadn't received his final paycheck. Flaten even went as far as to contact the Georgia Department of Labor to get some kind of assistance so he could get that final paycheck.

Well, earlier this month, Flaten finally got his final work payment. It wasn't a check in the mail, though, it was a pile of pennies dumped in his driveway. On the top of that pile was an envelope with "F@&# You " written on it and his paystub inside the envelope. The pennies were also covered in oil.

CBS46 in Atlanta was able to contact the owner of A Ok Walker Luxury Autoworks, Miles Walker, to ask him why he paid that final check in the manner he did. The reporter was not received well by Walker. You can listen to the owners responses to questions in the video at the top of the page.

It apparently is not the best work environment at A Ok Walker Luxury Autoworks as CBS46 talked to a couple of other former employees and they described some of the bad behavior of the owner. One employee had her pants pulled down in the lobby by the owner while another described how the owner would tear up an employees final paycheck in front of them.

Sounds like this Miles Walker is just a bad person.

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