A man in Missouri was brought in by police for planning a mass murder at both the 'Twilight' movie premier at a local theater and also at the local Walmart. With rifles and over 400 rounds of ammunition, this would have been a horrific scene if Blaec Lammers had not been caught. 

Blaec Lammers' mother suspected something was wrong when her son came home with guns and enough ammunition to support a small army. She called the police believing her son might be intending to use these deadly weapons on the innocent patrons of the 'Twilight' premier.

After interrogation when taken into custody by the police, Lammers explained that attacking the 'Twilight' premier was in fact his plan. He also was plotting to terrorize the local Bolivar, Missouri Walmart. He stated that he thought he could restock on ammunition if he took the Walmart by siege.

Lammers is still in custody under a 500,000 bond.

Thank goodness for his detention, it will surely have saved numerous lives. Lammers has stated that he had already purchased tickets to 'Breaking Dawn Part Two' this coming Sunday and was actually worried he would not have had enough ammunition. He also admitted to going to the shooting range to practice with his new guns.

It is such a blessing and great thing that his mother notified police so that they could prevent such a tragic occurrence from happening.