From Butte, MT to Dallas, TX, the "Yellowstone" phenomenon is very real. The show is one of the biggest to ever hit the small screen. It's spawned prequels, and sequels, and spinoffs. And as the world waits impatiently for the Season 5 finale, one of it biggest stars was just brewing coffee in San Angelo, TX, of all places.

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We told you last year that Cole Hauser, who plays the character "Rip Wheeler" on the show, was set to take over a business in West Texas. Beth Dutton’s love interest is part of an investment group that purchased San Angelo’s Longhorn Coffee Co.

Earlier this month, the actor's Free Rein Coffee set up in the Longhorn Coffee Company building, and Hauser himself was on-hand when the shop finally opened to the public just this week.

According to San Angelo Live, "Longhorn Coffee Co. is a small batch coffee roasting company founded in the early 2010s by Scott and Laurie Decker. The couple was roasting small batches of coffee and eventually introduced their coffee blends at grocery stores such as Market Street."


Hauser is part of an investment group headed by Karl Pfluger, based in Midland, and the brother of U.S. Congressman August Pfluger.

According to Chron, Free Rein serves up light, medium, and dark roasts, and of course also offers seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice. "The coffee company prides itself on a rough rider, cowboy image. Inspired by Hauser's youth in Montana, the coffee brand hopes to fuel hard workers as they prepare for the daily grind."

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