A man was horrified to find old shrimp tails and garbage in a bag of his most beloved breakfast cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

According to The New York Times, 41-year-old writer and comedian Jensen Karp was absolutely disgusted when he was pouring a second bowl of cereal and an old shrimp tail encrusted with cinnamon sugar plopped out of the box and into the bowl.

"I picked it up and I was like, 'This is clearly a shrimp tail,'" Karp told interviewers. After finding the first one, he was curious about the rest of the bag, so he took it out of the box to inspect it, only to discover another shrimp tail in the bag. He freaked out, as most of us would, and sent a text with a photo of what he found to his wife, Danielle Fishel Karp, AKA Topanga from the old show Boy Meets World. (That last part doesn't really add much to the story, but it is kind of cool because who doesn't love some Topanga?)

Jensen was initially offered a replacement box of cereal, but he politely declined. He doesn't want another box of cereal. He wants answers, and probably an apology for the way his favorite cereal company tried to turn it around and make him look crazy instead of owning up to what happened.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch didn't seem to think there was any way those could actually be shrimp and offered this excuse in a response to Jensen on Twitter:

But Jensen is confident that those are in fact pieces of old shrimp. I've eaten a lot of shrimp in my life, and I'd say those look like some sugar-covered tails to me. So friggin' gross, dude.

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Karp went one step further and inspected the second bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that came in the family-size box of cereal. The second bag had what looks like a piece of string and some tiny black thing on some of the cereal squares. It has not yet been confirmed that the black stuff is, in fact, rodent feces, but if you've ever had a mouse problem, it will look pretty familiar to you. The second bag in the box also appears to have been tampered with and had some tape at the bottom of it.

Jensen has decided not to send the boxes of cereal to the company for further inspection and instead has hired a third party for further investigation. Cinnamon Toast Crunch acted pretty shady on Twitter about the entire thing, so I don't blame him for not wanting to send the cereal to them for inspection.

Screw the replacement box they initially offered him. No, thank you. Shrimp scholarship for the win.

My educated guess is that this cereal was chomped on by a mouse or rat long before it Jensen had a bowl of it, and perhaps the rodent was building a nest in the box. Who knows, but whatever happened, is totally icky and I won't be eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch anytime soon.

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