This weekend is the last weekend you’ll be able to ride The Texas Chute Out and Flashback at Six Flags Over Texas.  The park will stop operating these thrill rides Monday evening and the space will be occupied by a new thrill ride called the Texas SkyScreamer which will open in 2013!

I somehow missed this announcement made by Six Flags, but I saw it on their Facebook page last night.  Judging from the computer animation video, it appears as if this new attraction will be taking the place of The Texas Chute Out and Flashback.

Texas SkyScreamer will be a towering thrill ride that will reach the height of 400 feet and will be the tallest swing ride in the world.  Now, I love thrill rides, but I can’t really do the round and round kind of rides, not even the Silver Star Carousel at the parks main entrance!  I don’t think I’ll be able to handle this mammoth ride because it will carry its passengers up 400 feet above the Dallas/Ft. Worth skyline at the same time swinging them around in a circle at the rate of about 35 miles per hour.  For some park guests, that will be sheer terror!

Although, the Texas SkyScreamer will give riders an unparalleled view of the park, Arlington and the Dallas and Ft. Worth skylines that no other attraction around can offer.  Six Flags Over Texas park president, Steve Martindale says, “This ride experience will be unlike any other tower swing ride ever built. If you want to Go Big, then ride the Texas SkyScreamer next spring.”

The Texas SkyScreamer is set to debut in summer of 2013.  In the meantime, you can check out a computer animated video of what it’ll be like to ride the newest thrill ride at Six Flags Over Texas, the Texas SkyScreamer.

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