There are many people that are currently looking for a new career for many different reasons and if you’re willing to try something new there are some great careers available. One specifically that I have been hearing a lot about is becoming a detention worker with the Smith County Sheriff’s Office. Growing up many of us dream about becoming a first responder to help others. While this isn’t exactly the same, at least with being a detention worker you get the same retirement and benefits as those first responders. 

While I have never worked as a detention officer, I can only imagine how difficult the work is, this is not the type of job where you can slack off. If you get into this type of career and you do slack off, you could lose your life. I’m saying that not to scare you but just to be honest. 

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Top Three Reasons to Become a Detention Officer in Smith County, Texas 

The salary range is between $41,500 to $54,006 depending on experience. The wages are very similar to what you would find working in the metroplex area jails. It’s a fantastic way to start a career in law enforcement, after just one year you could apply for a police academy appointment. Finally, as listed above, the career comes with an excellent retirement system, health insurance, and paid time off. 

Apply to Become a Detention Officer in Smith County, Texas 

According to Smith County Public Information Officer Sgt. Larry Christian there are currently 31 openings in Smith County for detention officers. If you’re interested in applying for one of the positions you can do so by clicking here. 

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