This week has been a mess. A massive Winter storm has kept us inside. We've been dealing with spotty to no power. Now we're dealing with no water to do even the most basic of things. Impatience is at an all time high. The City of Tyler has been working hard to restore water to it's residents. But someone, or someones, has been putting an unnecessary hamper on the recovery.

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As the City of Tyler began getting water back to residents on Thursday, they noticed some other drops in water pressure. These drops in pressure weren't because of busted water mains or no water in the lines. Someone, or someones, were opening the city's fire hydrants. This was causing water to be wasted in the streets for no reason.

Why was this being done? Who knows. Some think maybe it was to stop water to a house because of a busted pipe in their home. However, this is not how to fix that particular problem. In fact, it has made the water recovery process in Tyler that much harder and could extend the boil water notice in the city.

It's these lapses in judgement that just make me shake my head and face palm. I mean, why? Why did this someone, or someones, think this was a right thing to do? It wasn't and now your moment of selfishness has hampered the recovery process for everyone. Whoever you are, you have hurt everyone and I hope you're ashamed of yourself.

The recovery process continues today across all of East Texas. Patience is the key for the next few days. We'll start thawing out today and really thaw out tomorrow and Sunday. People in Tyler will have to boil water probably into Tuesday. It's almost over friends, just hang in there a little bit longer.

You are asked if you see someone not in a City of Tyler uniform messing with a fire hydrant, call the Tyler police department.

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