Loretta Lynn is known as the woman of country music. There is no doubt about it, she is the Queen! Born Loretta Webb on April 14, 1934 in Butcher Hollow, Ky., Lynn grew up in a small cabin in a poor Appalachian coal mining community. The second of eight children, Lynn began singing in church at a young age. Her younger sister Brenda Gayle Webb also later become a singer, performing as Crystal Gayle.

Loretta Lynn married Oliver "Mooney" Lynn just a few months before her 14th birthday in January 1948. The couple had four children together by the time Lynn turned 18. Encouraged by her husband, she decided to pursue her interest in music. She got a contract with Zero Records in 1959, and her first single was "I'm a Honky Tonk Girl." To promote the song, the Lynns traveled to different country music radio stations, urging them to play it. Their efforts paid off—the song became a minor hit in 1960.

They decided to move to Nashville in late 1960 and the rest you could say -- is history.

During her early days in Nashville, she became friends with singer Patsy Cline. Loretta was heartbroken when Cline was killed in a 1963 plane crash.

When Patsy died, my God, not only did I lose my best girlfriend, but I lost a great person that was taking care of me. I thought, Now somebody will whip me for sure."

The one thing I admire about Loretta Lynn is her fortitude. If you look up the definition of fortitude, you'll find this: Strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.

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