Johan Mowry is a 14 year old, eighth grader who created a moving video with some very honest feelings on the affects of bullying on his life.  Over the weekend, Leslie and I saw many re-posts and tweets supporting this very brave young man -- offering him encouragement and praising his courage.


Celebrity news guru Perez Hilton, who holds bullying close to his heart, got this video to become internationally recognized. He went through and sent the link to all of his celebrity friends, who re-tweeted the video, and so on and so forth. Celebs such as Ellen Degeneres, Nick Jonas, Ricky Martin and tons more sent the video to their followers in an effort to bring awareness to bullying.

We applaud you, Jonah, for staying strong and being an inspiration to the world. Bullying has become such an epidemic in the world today.

This video was created to help victims of bullying.

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