In July of 2010, Sugarland released "Stuck Like Glue" as the first single from their The Incredible Machine album. The song -- written by the duo's Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles, along with Shy Carter and Kevin Griffin -- became a Top 5 (No. 2) country hit, has been certified double platinum and, until Florida Georgia Line came along with "Cruise," was the best-selling song by a country duo. Below, Bush and Nettles share the story behind the smash hit.

Jennifer Nettles: We always like to hear what other people think a good Sugarland song will sound like. [Kevin Griffin and Shy Carter] wrote a song for us, and we wanted to hear it. When we did, we thought it was great; it sounds like us. [The final version of] "Stuck Like Glue" [developed from] that song they wrote for us. Kris and I wrote [most of] it, and Kevin and Shy did the chorus. It's lighthearted and sassy and just a great fit for us.

Kristian Bush: The song is about having fun; it's supposed to make you feel good. Sometimes you try to write a song that you want to change the world, and sometimes you write a song that you want to just change your day! This song is just supposed to change your day, but the fact that it has provoked conversation is okay! Art is supposed to be provocative. If it isn't, it belongs in an elevator.

Nettles: Every song has different influences. I love all kinds of music. On my [MP3 player], it's a smorgasbord of rap, R&B, classic rock, indie, gospel, bluegrass -- I love it all. Each part touches a different place in my heart. We listen to it all, and we use it all.

"Stuck Like Glue" is aggressive and bold. It's music people [hadn't] associated with Sugarland before. But you don't have to stay in one place or wear certain clothing or lead a certain lifestyle to be country.

This story was originally written by Nancy Dunham, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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