Even here in Tyler, TX, folks have been heading across the border for their delicious food and signature margaritas for years. My wife and I once drove to Shreveport, LA, for the sole purpose of drinking a few of 'em.

And that was all we did. We ate fajitas, drank Superior Grill margaritas, went to our hotel room, and went to sleep. It was amazing.

Tonight an electrical fire started on the roof over the kitchen. Most importantly all our patrons and teammates made it out safely... We thank the Shreveport Fire Department and all of the first responders for their help keeping everyone safe this evening.

This morning one of Shreveport’s most popular Mexican restaurants, Superior Grill, posted online that their building had caught on fire. According to reports the Thursday night fire began after 9:30 p.m. The restaurant was sure to make clear that all of the patrons and employees were able to escape without injury. The dining area was unaffected by the blaze.

The blaze began on the roof above the grill and was contained by firefighters within 20 minutes. It's being reported that the fire appears to have started when a motor to a vent fan failed.

The Shreveport Bossier Advocate reports that "Superior management was able to access the damage. They believe the restaurant, in its 41st year, may only be down "a couple of weeks; a month at the most."

The outpouring of support on social media has been great to see. You can bet my wife and I will be planning another trip to visit them once doors reopen.

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