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Teen Struck By Car While Playing "Fugitive Game"
A Fort Worth teen is currently in "good condition" at JPS Hospital's intensive care, after being struck by a car. Ashlee Aguilera , 15, was struck by a car, Friday evening, as she played a new take on cops and robbers, "The Fugitive Game."
Kissing Prank Gone Awry [VIDEO]
This is a prank that went way south! This was a gag at a  pep rally assembly at Rosemount High School. It was supposed to be a joke. But when it went viral on YouTube some people didn't find it the least bit funny.
Man Attacks Woman With Pen on New York Subway [VIDEO]
New Yorkers are forced to deal with a lot during their daily morning commute: crowds, delays, traffic. But smoking on the subway? Well, that's a whole other story.
According to reports, a man lit up a cigarette while riding the downtown 3 train at about 9:15AM Tuesday morning.
Naturally, the woman sit…
Man Bursts Into Flames at Porn Shop [VIDEO]
A San Francisco man was enjoying some adult videos in a private booth inside an area porn shop Wednesday when something stunning happened: he burst into flames.
Luckily, there was a firetruck only a block away, so when the human fireball rushed out into the street the firefighters were able to help …

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