For many families across the Lone Star State, tamales are a staple. They're a state favorite, they're a cultural favorite, and their just damn good. But let's say you just can't get around to your favorite tamale-maker - fear no more! Neiman Marcus...yeah, the department store...has your back.

Right on the store listings next to designer bags, shoes, and jewelry, you can find a batch of tamales big enough to serve 18 to 24 people. They're coming in hot!

According to the listing, the tamales are "handmade from a traditional recipe of fresh stone-ground corn, top-quality meats, lard, spices and natural flavorings." They're also gluten-free.

You can get your hands on 72 handmade tamales for $92, or $1.28 each, and you can pick from chicken, pork, beef, or an assortment. I wonder if they want to give me an assortment of Christian Louboutins?

My favorite part is how they snuck in a "deal" of 4 easy payments of of $28 interest-free! No excuses now, folks.

To ensure that you get them delivered fresh, Neiman Marcus says it cannot deliver the tamales on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, or holidays.

I can't say these are high up on my list of things to try this year, but a few customers in the review section had some high hopes:

Love Texas Tamales!! They are the best.

and another wrote:

Everyone I sent the tamales to—LOVED THEM! Most said they were kind of small but thought the taste was superb.

This may be self-explanatory, but these can't be returned if your review is less than great. So you're just all in from the beginning.

You still have plenty of time to get your order in. You can order the tamales through June of this year.

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