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Peace Officers Memorial Day was proclaimed to be observed on May 15th of each year by President John F. Kennedy in 1962 and National Police Week as the week during which Peace Officers Memorial Day falls.

This year, May 10th through May 16th is National Police Week and according to a new report from the personal-finance website WalletHub Texas is one of the best states in which to be a law enforcement officer.

Ranked 17th best state overall in which to be a police officer, Texas ranks 17th according to the study, in the category of 'Opportunity and Competition'. However, quality of life for a police officer in Texas appears to be an area in which the state needs improvement, though it's still better than approximately two-thirds of the rest of the country.

Source: WalletHub

Be sure to thank someone in law enforcement, not only this week but anytime. They deserve our gratitude and more for doing what they do.

Especially during a time when law enforcement officials face negative backlash for doing their jobs, otherwise known as enforcing the law, particularly laws enacted by elected representatives in response to coronavirus, at the risk of being exposed to a worldwide killer virus because American citizens want to challenge, otherwise known as break, the laws adopted to mitigate the spread of a deadly virus.

The same elected representatives who executed disaster declaration orders in response to coronavirus are now condemning law enforcement officials for enforcing those orders, so it stands to reason that at least here in Texas quality of life for a police officer is probably going to get worse.

The only way in which quality of life for law enforcement officers can begin to improve is that if statewide representatives support the enforcement of law and order rather than support blatant disrespect for law enforcement, the judicial system, and the orders adopted for the overall health and wellbeing of the entire population of Texas

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