Every parent I know in Texas wants their child to get a good education. The hope is that after a great educational foundation they can then use that knowledge to get into a career they enjoy and have a family and all live happily ever after. The problem is that not all schools are the same, which means parents are working harder than ever before to make sure their kids are in the best schools possible. 

Texas Elementary School

Most kids have a few teachers along the way that make a huge impact in their life, including helping them explore potential career options. You never know who that teacher is going to be or at what stage in life this is going to happen. But that is one of the reasons that it’s so important to help your kids get a good educational foundation, so they are as prepared as possible.  

What Criteria Decides the Best Elementary Schools in Texas? 

Elementary school can be more difficult to judge as there isn’t the same level of standardized testing as you would see in middle school or high school. But one of the biggest factors when ranking elementary schools involves enrollment and the student-to-teacher ratio.  

Let’s Look at the Best Public Elementary Schools in Texas 

Having more one on one time with a teacher is going to help most students so it’s understandable how the student-to-teacher ratio helps schools rank well. Let’s look at what public elementary schools ranked the very best in Texas. And to every teacher and administrator who reads this, THANK YOU for what you do each day.  

LOOK: These Are the Best Public Elementary Schools in Texas

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12 Largest Public High Schools in Texas

These Texas public high schools are gigantic here is a look at the 12 largest including the number of students that are currently enrolled in classes.

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