After working hard all week many Texas residents that are over the legal drinking age like to enjoy an adult beverage. We have lots of great beer to choose from with quite a few good ones being brewed right here in the lone star state. But sometimes it’s not a beer that we want, how about a delicious and refreshing margarita.  


We must admit that we are pretty spoiled here in Texas with so many places serving margaritas, you can even find canned margaritas at your local grocery store or gas station. But when you’re talking about the best margarita in Texas, you’re not going to get that at a convenience store, you’ll need to stop at a restaurant. And there is one popular restaurant that is known to have a fantastic margarita that doesn’t hold back when it comes to adding in the tequila.  

One of the Most Popular Restaurants Near the Fort Worth Stockyards 

Most people know that the Fort Worth Stockyards are one of the most fun places to go in Texas, but not far from there is a wildly popular Mexican restaurant that is known for having the best margaritas. Even if there is a wait to be seated, you will want to make sure that you grab a meal and margarita from Joe T. Garcia’s.  

Joe T Garcia's in Fort Worth
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Celebrities Always Stop by for Margarita’s Too 

There always seems to be celebrities stopping by Joe T. Garcia’s. Every actor, athlete, and big name that has ever come to perform or play in the Dallas or Fort Worth area stops in to grab a bite to eat.  

Let’s look at some of the celebs who have visited Joe T. Garcia’s to make sure they get one of the best margaritas in the state of Texas.

Celebs at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth

Here is a look at some of the celebs who have stopped into the popular Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

New Margaritaville Location on South Padre Island

Peek inside the newest Margaritaville location in Texas located on South Padre Island.

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