All of us living in East Texas want to make a lot of money, we want to be able to provide for our families and not feel the stress of bills. But often it takes a college degree to acquire one of those higher-paying jobs, but not all the time. That’s why I wanted to discuss some of the highest paying jobs in and around Tyler, Texas that don’t require a college degree.  

Texas Career With No Degree

For some people going to college after high school is the best plan, it continues the routine they have had for years and continues to build their education. But college might not be the right path for everyone. There are some people that want to be done with education after high school and they want to begin looking for their career. Just because you decide you don’t want to go to college doesn’t mean you must limit your earning potential. 

Careers in Texas Without a College Degree 

There are plenty of jobs that can generate a good income for you and your family, but you must know where to look. Which is why I thought it would be interesting to share the details about the highest paying jobs without a college degree in Tyler. These details came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Let’s Find the Well-Paying Careers in Texas That Don’t Require a College Degree 

These jobs range in salary from around $43,000 to over $85,000 and were talking about jobs that don’t require a college degree. Here are some of the best options available to you around Tyler and East Texas.

OPPORTUNITIES: Highest-Paying Jobs in Tyler That Don’t Require a College Degree

Stacker ranked the 50 highest-paying jobs in Tyler that don't require a college degree, using annual compensation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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